Getting Started

Guide to getting started and using the Valtt API.

The Valtt API is a REST API that provides specific endpoints, receives form-data, and returns JSON encoded responses. Errors are sent using standard HTTP response codes and easy to read and understand JSON encoded error messages. The API can be used in test or live mode. The API key that is used determines which mode is being used. The same type and method of authentication is used in test and live mode.

Getting Started

In order to use the Valtt API you will need an API Key and API Secret. In the Valtt Dashboard, under Account on the left menu, select API Keys, and create a new test or live API Key set.


The Valtt API uses Basic Auth with the API Key and API Secret that are generated in the Valtt Dashboard. Authentication is required for all requests except for the Status API endpoint. All API requests must be made using HTTPS.

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